I'm not crazy about long stories and bios on a site like this.  Pictures are easier.



Flightline - Tuzla, Bosnia AH-64 Line.  An interesting place.  We had to live off post for whatever reason.  After work we'd fill water bottles for the toilets and showers.  We'd back pack them all the way down the road from Eagle Base to the house.  Lots of land mines if you strayed off the path.  Gunfire was always there if you needed a reality check. The base was cool but outside..you're pretty much on your own.  Contractors were free to roam the countryside at the time.  Stupid...but we did it.  Luckily, taking hostages wasn't the cool thing to do at the time.   


Kaposujlak, Hungary - Last of the active Army Cobra's....Reading Hot Rod..ordering parts for the Vette.

When we were bored...Night vision goggles and Chemlights flying RC. 

Living in tents for ten months really got to some guys. We'd always find something to do.  We'd mastered the art of flying with the Chemlights.  We're testing the NVG's for IR chemlights in the picture.  If you dont have the NVG's on, you can't see anything. It isn't easy because your depth perception sucks.  We managed a few flights with the IR/NVG setup.  We'd fly at night in the middle of a storm with the regular chemlights.  Soldiers were always wondering what we'd do next. We were warned a few times to quit buzzing the tents.  It was probably the only chance to fly without club bylaws and the AMA. Try it sometime.




Camp, Kaposujlak, Hungary 96' - .90 Extra w/Chemlights for Night Flying.  It works great!



Ham Station - Balkans/Macedonia 

Staying in touch with the family and everyone else.  Outside was like Siberia. I'm on the 20 meter band talking to the U.S. from central Hungary near the Croatian border. I cut a dipole and sloped it down from the fire escape ladder on the hangar housing the AN-2 fleet...mixed with AH-64's, Cobras and 58's.  I spent many nights hanging antennas for 10,20 and 80m up there on the hangar. The roof was covered with a metallic paint that somehow turned the dipole into a beam antenna, reflecting the signal with enough power to get out to the mid west. Propagation was excellent at the time.  Lots of solar activity. I did MARS for soldiers at the time.

 Bell 212 - Switzerland


Sling Loading timber in the Alps - Heli Swiss, Schweiz


Gelnhausen Germany - Vetteworks.tripod.com

The restoration on this car took 4 years.  Hard to believe you can build a plane in 2-1/2.  It was an 'against all odds' project that took the edge off a life of overseas contracting. We had the Nitrous mixed in Budapest.  Funny stories on this one. 415 HP + 125HP NOS system



60 cc Extra 300..Bigger is Better...for toys anyway. Getting ready for some IMAC Aresti flying.  I finally got Patty to sign the wing! 


Toy Room



Paragliding - Tetovo, Macedonia

Bored again...we were in Macedona supporting the UH-60 Special Ops Whitehawks.  A group of Macedonians and Serbs came to the base to introduce the sport to the UN guys.  Unfortunately Camp Able Sentry had a 'lock down' so most couldn't go. We managed to sneak out with them on the weekends.  We did this for 5 months,  The shot was taken over Tetovo, Macedonia over a predominantly Albanian town prior to the Yugoslav bombing.  Tetovo was one of the largest towns at the base of the mountain range separating the two countries.  It was filled with refugees and shelled several times shortly after we left. The top jump was 11,000 feet.  We'd fly thermals or glide down to the town to meet large groups of kids at the landing zone.  A very cool sport but you have to watch your butt. Lots of trees and rocks in the mountains. Most of the time it was just a few of us jumping while a few others drove the land rovers back to the landing site.  It always seemed to me that we were the guinea pigs testing new jump spots. I never knew.  We always made it. 


Building a surfboard..

I got tired of seeing the prices of the boards in the shops.  While on vacation in Florida I bought a Clarkes Foam blank and took it home to do one myself. Okay, there's some work but with a little time and research it was done.  There's all kinds of info on shaping the rails, the tail, the nose and other areas that make up a board.  Just carve the thing out and go give it a try... 



Where ever I can

You can barely see my shiny bald head...I'm on a 6 1' Thruster (Tri Fin)

San Clemente, CA


Old clips from Torrance Airport California. Thanks to Torrance Parker, Earl Ody, Ralph Baxter, Bob Herendeen and Art Valdez for all the rides I got there as a kid. I worked there at Southwest Skyways and Rolling Hills aviation for a few years.  I managed soloing at 16 after washing and waxing many...many aircraft. The aircraft was a C-152 N47048.  Guy Gillmore was my instructor at the time.......

 Torrance Parkers 27' Travel Air. (First Biplane Ride - 82')

  Nader in the Great     Lakes. I took the picture with a throwaway 110

Ralph Baxter's Waco 



Refueling over Amsterdam  - Bitburg F-15 My wife was actually laying on the other station during this shot.  Ocassionally we'd go for a ride on the 135's.  Free for the Air Force guys if they wanted it.



 DC-6 Fire Bomber -Ramona, CA